Imagine having a professional friend to help you put together your own individual, confident style.

Imagine that professional friend appreciates the finer points of cut, colour and cloth and – most importantly – understands your likes, dislikes and lifestyle needs.

Then imagine that you can have her undivided attention in a store that prides itself on its relaxed and friendly atmosphere – and has long experience of helping women look edgily chic.

A store that’s stocked right now with pieces cut to fit and flatter from the finest fabrics in beautifully subtle colours – plus accessories chosen with the same discerning eye.

And finally imagine that after your initial consultation your professional friend, otherwise known as your Wardrobe Stylist, carefully files your details so anytime you call she’s briefed and ready with ideas for whatever comes up in your business or social calendar.

Imagine the hours you’d save, the mistakes you’d avoid, the fun you’d have.

Better still, stop imagining and book a consultation by calling +44 (0) 20 7494 1131. Or just pop in next time you’re in town.

According to existing clients, there’s a priceless bonus to enjoying a Wardrobe Stylist’s professional help: more time for you.

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