Where the flair of Italian designer meets the fit of bespoke tailoring
for women.

On the rarefied rails of Wardrobe, in London's Mayfair, hang luxury pieces that have come to define the best of Italian flair and flattery.
The cut. The cloth. The colour. All are exquisite, season after season.

But what about that other 'f-word': fit? Can Italian designer ever fit the way bespoke tailoring for women fits?

That would call for a trained, talented and experienced tailor to be on hand at all times. At Wardrobe, that's exactly what we have.

In our tailor's capable hands, the Italian designer pieces cherry-picked in Italy by Wardrobe's CEO Susie Faux can be sculpted to fit you and only you.

We'll leave you to imagine what dressing at Wardrobe could do for your confidence and your career. It's an investment - and it's one worth making.