In my 40 years’ running Wardrobe, I’ve been constantly reminded that size isn’t everything.

Size 8 or Size 18 is only the beginning. Because you are unique.

It’s the reason we have an in-house tailor - to give our Italian designer pieces a positively bespoke fit.

And it’s the reason why I show, but won’t sell, Wardrobe online.

I know you can order more than one size and send back the ones you can’t actually do up. I’d argue that the size you keep won’t fit either.

This season, Wardrobe is once again home to my edit of the cream of Italian collections.

Upstairs, our tailor remains ready to pop down and turn a nearly fit into a bespoke fit.

We’re talking fractions of a centimetre – but a mile of difference.

Susie Faux

42 Conduit Street London W1S 2YH