In Conduit Street, London there is a special shop that draws customers to it time after time, season after season. The shop is called Wardrobe and many a discerning customer finds here what she is looking for. She may earlier have wandered in and out of more obvious and internationally known shops where she has been unable to decide on a purchase and then she enters Wardrobe, perhaps for the first time, and there she encounters a difference: here fine fabrics are matched by fine tailoring and here the attention to her taste and purse is matched by expertise and sympathy.

I was such a wanderer into Wardrobe some years ago, coming upon it quite fortuitously, as wanderers do. I was somewhat tired and a bit depressed by earlier failures that day to find what I liked, but in this shop help was immediately offered. To begin with, the member of staff impressed me with her knowledge of each garment and this was accompanied by a gentle manner which had nothing of pressure about it. Slowly my back and feet eased and quickly I realised I had found what I liked, which is a combination of chic, skilful tailoring and beautiful fabrics. I should add that "beautiful fabrics" should not, necessarily, imply delicate. This is by no means a collection of clothes for very limited wear as fine cashmere may be contrasted with strong linen, silk with wool. This is in fact, a shop of variety, the one common denominator being quality. Each assistant is highly trained and, as I cannot sufficiently stress, sympathetic to taste and need. And no pressure!

June Meacock

In the 3-4 years that I have been exposed to the ‘Wardrobe experience’ I have assumed a confidence in dressing and in myself that did not previously exist. A large part of the experience has been through forging a trusting relationship with Juliana, whose expert eye has enabled me to learn so much about selecting the “right pieces”. More recently, the sharing of expert advice from Susie on a broader spectrum of women’s issues has given me much needed and fruitful knowledge.

Thank you.

Sarah F Thompson,  26th May 2014

Liz Clarke-Watson

It all began 20 years ago when my husband spotted an advertisement in the underground for a place called “Wardrobe”. He was tired of being dragged around every department store and Bond Street emporium looking for stylish business clothes, without success. So an appointment was made and into Conduit Street we went, very much impressed by the idea of the “capsule” wardrobe and of personal service.

I have been shopping (if that can be the right word for such a pleasant experience) in Wardrobe for practically every year since.

Translating the “capsule” idea into practice allowed me to build up a small number of beautiful pieces which all worked together, from a butter-soft leather jacket to feather - light cashmere, from impeccably tailored dresses and trouser suits to silky tops.

My journey with Wardrobe has taken me out of business life in London and into semi-retirement in Oxfordshire, not so many business suits but smart and casual clothes of quiet elegance and time-less quality which fit me perfectly, feel wonderful and help me look the person I want to be and not what some fashion article tells me I should be (at my age!).

So what about “service”? Who is the person who finds the elegant self, longing to emerge from the hassled customer? - the Stylist.

Imagine a personal welcome as you buzz to come in, a large changing room, coffee and mineral -water and an air of calm, interested and friendly professionalism.

Think of an array of wonderful pieces bought to you with an eye to what works on you, in your size and accessorised with the perfect belt, shoes or bag. A one - stop -shop, no more traipsing up and down the streets.

Best of all is Juliana who brings to my visits an inspired eye, her own elegance and a very good knowledge of what I will look great in. She will challenge my limiting perceptions, give me confidence and she is as pleased as I am when we get the right pieces together. And we have such fun!

Where else could I find such a superb collection of delectable clothes and personalised service - one room which has everything the heart desires. Thank you Wardrobe and Juliana, and don’t ever think of stopping!

Liz Clarke-Watson

I like clothes that are stylish, well cut and made up in wonderfully subtle fabrics . Wardrobe has been able to provide me with this over a long number of years. In addition I can rely on the help of the stylists who put everything together and make shopping an enjoyable, stress free experience.

All the best


Wardrobe's garments are beautifully made from superb Italian fabrics. They are elegant and understated.
The shop is calm and relaxing and the staff are always friendly and welcoming without being in any way overbearing. Advice is considered and honest.

I have been looked after by Kiyoko, who is amazing and gives a wonderfully personal service, and Grace, who does superb alterations, promptly and sympathetically. Their clothes are expensive, but with their excellent alteration service, will last for many seasons.

Shopping at Wardrobe is always a pleasure.

With very best wishes,

Heather Pitt Ford

Nearly 25 years ago I walked in to Wardrobe for the first time - I didn't know anything about the Wardrobe philosophy, I simply needed to find a jacket to match a skirt I'd bought. They not only matched the jacket to the skirt, but also to me, as a person and this is what sets Wardrobe apart from any other shop you could walk into to buy your clothes.

Over the years, Wardrobe has seen me through life on the dealing floors of the City, business trips all over the world; weekends away - and the trauma of meeting my Italian in-laws-to-be for the first time! They've been there for me as my life changed to becoming a full-time mum (school-run, smart casual and just plain casual!); going back to studying; becoming a teacher (because of the quality, so many of my "City" outfits were still perfect) and now to working as a secretary. Because they take the time to get to know their clients well, they are able to combine that knowledge with their innate flair for styling and come up with the perfect outfit time after time.

My current muse is Juliana, who has an incredible instinct not only for selecting exactly the right styles, colours and textures, but for understanding me. Never have I felt "not worth it" - even if I was just popping in to see what the sale had in store, because current finances wouldn't stretch to full prices. Life is a roller coaster and I've found that Suzie and her team have always been there to match clothes to circumstances. I might add here that I will never forget Suzie's kindness last year when my sister died - her help and advice made such a difference.

Wardrobe is a special place - a haven of calm where your stylist's attention is focused exclusively on you, but they do much more than help you find chic, quality clothes with an understated elegance, which create a real impact when you wear them. Suzie and her team build confidence. In her book from 1998 Suzie says that she's been described as a "sartorial psychologist". I couldn't agree more and I know that I couldn't have got through some of the events in my life without Wardrobe's help. This is what keeps their clients coming back. The experience is perhaps something you can't fully appreciate until you've tried it for yourself - I can't recommend highly enough that you do so!

I finally called in to Wardrobe having seen some deliberately challenging adverts on the tube - I wanted to know what it was all about.

Susie and her team are just so impressive.

Juliana's incredible skill as a stylist (and trusted adviser) means that I have tried on and bought clothes in colours, styles and even sizes that I would have never considered otherwise.

The confidence I get from knowing that I now have great options in my wardrobe is worth the investment many times over. It is amazing how many people notice and compliment me on the quality and cut of my Wardrobe clothes - very unexpected but very nice.

Abigail (totally bought in to the Wardrobe brand)

I have been coming to Wardrobe for over 23 years (a friend whose taste is impeccable recommended you to me) and possibly longer (you even dressed me through my pregnancy!) and I still have suits that I bought 15 years or so ago and they continue to look fabulous.

When I bought my first couple of items colleagues commented on how I had gone up a notch in looking professional- and that was just the men. I have to admit I have tried periodically to wean myself off Wardrobe and I have tried some "cheaper" options but frankly I have never looked as good or felt as right in those cheaper options (and they never lasted as long) so it ended up being a false economy.

I have also never found shoes as comfortable as your shoes and again they last and last- bad news for you and good news for me! Over the years I have been looked after by a couple of the stylists but Saida has ensured that I am neither old nor frumpy before my time and has helped me freshen up some of my older suits to make them look more up to date and flattering.

Susie is right when she says that every woman wants to look sexy- even at my size 4- and Saida has helped me feel that way rather than "fat, fifty and frumpy". She is also incredibly patient as she explains which colour tops should be worn with which suits and what colour tights I should be wearing. More importantly she never grimaces at my undies or comments on my unflattering non-Wardrobe items (unless asked and even then she is very tactful and suggests other ways of wearing them!).

My ultimate dream though is to be and look like Susie when I grow up. In the meantime I will keep practising!

Best regards

Over the last 4 years Wardrobe has looked after me with warmth and humour. They has enticed me out of my work trouser suits and into great dresses and accessories that compliment my figure . With their help I have built a stylish collection of work and home clothes that fit me superbly -The trick behind looking and feeling great. Wardrobe is perfect partnership of beautiful clothes and wonderful service that has been invaluable to me and I couldn't recommend it more highly .

Kate Hobhouse

42 Conduit Street London W1S 2YH